Krispy Kreme – Talk Like A Pirate Day (San Diego)

September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and Krispy Kreme celebrates it by doing something cool. If you go to Krispy Kreme and talk like a pirate, you get one free glazed donut. If you DRESS like a pirate (have to have 3 pirate items or more!), then you get a DOZEN free donuts! While this doesn’t help my waistline much, I did manage to enjoy myself!

I’m ready!

The question is, are YOU ready?

Krispy Kreme Pirate Madness:

The Sign:

I met this amazing woman in her great pirate attire:

Came away with the golden (glazed) booty!

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San Diego (Pirate Tour) Museum 2014

The Cosky family treated us to an awesome tour that came to San Diego!

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Pack Pirate Party 2014.

I have the pleasure of knowing James and Celeste, who threw a pirate themed party at their place! These people are amazing!

Dare ye enter?

Are ye ready to be drinkin’?

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